Selection Procedure, Syllabus, Guidelines & Fully Solved Papers
Selection Procedure (Punjab Public Service Commission) – 2020
Syllabus & Distribution of Marks – 2020
How to Solve Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Correctly
MCQs Test Taking Tips and Strategies
Important Instructions for Solving MCQs Paper
Instructions for Computerized Answer Sheet
Information about Revenue Department
History of Tehsildar / Naib Tehsildar
Original Sample Paper – Tehsildar
Original Sample Paper – Naib Tehsildar
English Language Terminology
Vocabulary – Word Treasure
Word Formation
Verbal Ability
Sentence Completion
Reading Comprehension Ability
Sentence Structure
Reconstruction Of Sentence
Fill In The Blanks
Active & Passive Voice
Direct & Indirect Narration
Clause Correction (Grammatical Errors)
Expected Questions for Coming Exams.
Brief History of Pakistan Movement185
What is What in Pakistan
Who is Who & What is What in Pakistan199
Chronological Table  (1857-1947)
Important Glossary
Expected Questions for Coming Exams.
Pakistan’s First, Largest, Tallest & Smallest
General Knowledge of Pakistan
Islamic Studies
Basic Information Islamic Studies
Some Muslim Scholars and Scientists
Muslim Dynasties
Genealogy of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Rasool Allah KhatamunNabiyeen
The Pious Caliphate (632 to 661 A.D.)
The Holy Quran & Hadith
Islamic Topics and Terms
Pre-Islamic Period, Religions of World
The Pillars of Islam
The Kalimahs
The Pious Caliphate
Islamic Jurisprudence
The Holy Quran
Salat (Prayer)
Petty Muslim Kingdoms
Khatam un-Nabiyeen Holy Prophet’s – Life and Achievements
Hajj (Pilgrimage)
Distinctions of Sahabah Karam
The Ahadith
Expected Questions for Coming Exams.
Everyday Science
Elements, Metals & Compounds
Atoms, Radioactivity & Nuclear Science
Appliances and Devices
Human System
Living System
Food & Health
Food Production & Preservation3
Evolution of Life
Common Observations
Expected Questions for Coming Exams.
What is What in the World
Countries of the World
A Profile of the World
Country Statistics at a Glance-2020
Countries by Population-2020
Former Place Names of Countries and Cities
World’s 50 Most Populous Countries: 2020
Most Populous Cities of the World – 2020
Do You Know That?
International Days
Selected International Holidays
Miscellaneous Information
Most Repeated General Knowledge MCQs in with Explanatory Answers
Current Affairs – 2020
Pakistan’s Current Affairs – 2020
World’s Current Affairs – 2020
.T. Usage of Basic Software
Information Networks
Windows Operating System
MS Windows Shortcut Keys
Microsoft Office
MS Word 2007/2010/2016:
MS Powerpoint 2007/2010/2016
MS Excel 2007/2010/2016
MS Access 2007/2010/2016
MS Outlook 2007/2010/2016
Electronic Record Keeping
Fundamentals of the Internet
Most Repeated Computer/IT MCQs with Answers in PPSC Exams.
URDU  (اردو)
مترادف الفاظ
متضاد الفاظ
واحد جمع
مذکر مونث
اردو زبان کی ابتدا
اردو ادب کی ابتدا
تحقیق و تنقید پر اہم کتاب
شعری اصطلاحات
مطابقت کےاصولوں کے پیش نظر فقرات کی درستی
متفرق کثیر الانتخابی سوالات
پنجاب پبلک سروس کمیشن کے امتحانات میں پوچھے گئے اہم کثیر الانتخابی سوالات



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